1. Introduction

This is a introduction to our IRS topic.

Why we choose this topic: We have chosen this topic as many dogs are left on the streets by irresponsible owners. This way, many strays appear on the road, and other residents will call SPCA or AVA, and after a while, if no one comes to claim the dog, the dog will be put to sleep due to lack of space.

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. However, everyone likes different kind of dogs. How about stray dogs? Are they still man’s best friend or are they just discarded creatures?
Dog owners might think that they are still Man’s best friend, but does our actions show that? In our opinion, no. Dogs are now adopted by people who find them cute, then discard them when they feel like it or when the dogs are old, sick, or too big for their liking. They have no sense of responsibility or conscience.
Many of the stray dogs end up in SPCA or AVA, and after a while, if no one claims the dog, they will put them to sleep. Therefore, we decided to choose so that we can do a part in ending the plight that the stray dogs experience everyday.

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